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Lighting Design

"I have worked with many individuals within my 20 year span as a professional dancer, but no one has come close to the work ethic and dedication that Mr. McCrory exhibits as a lighting designer and stage manager. Zachary stage managed and created the lighting design for my show, "Breakthrough: A Journey to Healing" last September at the Kennedy Center. I told him what my vision was, and he executed it flawlessly with only a few hours provided within the space for our technical rehearsal. He is a joy to work with and I'm excited to work with him again!"

Krystal Butler, Choreographer



"Zach is the kind of leader that any team would be blessed to have. As my Technical Operations Supervisor at Carowinds, Zach greatly improved the overall technical quality of our shows, boosted the expertise and training of our technicians, and significantly enhanced overall department efficiencies. I know him to be incredibly dependable, extraordinarily detailed, completely honest and 100% humble. He can create “blue sky” concepts and subsequently turn them into perfected reality. Engaging, accessible and encouraging, Zach completely invests in any team or organization he is involved with."

Josh Hamrick, Entertainment Manager


Production + Event Management

"Zachary McCrorey is one of the best individuals I know. Not only is he an incredible person at a personal level, but his production management skills are unmatched. He is able to balance deadlines, meet artistic expectations, and exceed creative dreams while maintaining grace and levity. He is truly one of a kind and anyone would be lucky to work with him."

Shelby Sonnenberg, Production Stage Manager

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